Scarborough Water Damage

Few homeowners are prepared for when water damage happens, which makes it even more important to have someone to call when an emergency arises. IICRC member Toronto Restoration offers professional services 24/7 to homeowners who find themselves the victims of flood water or sewage water buildup at home. Our trained staff members all have incurred a license as well as years of experience. These experts are at your command to provide emergency service for water damage to homes all across the Scarborough area.

Toronto Restoration Expertise and Solutions

The key to being able to handle disasters is having expertise and solutions. Our technicians have both, as well as experience. When there’s water damage Scarborough residents may not know what to do, but Scarborough Toronto Restoration experts know exactly what steps to take and what order to take them in. We’ll follow all the proper procedures for removing the water, inspecting the home, repairing or replacing items, and giving your home the complete treatment it needs. Furthermore, we’ll do it even more resourcefully than the next man with full protective clothing and equipment created expressly by industry professionals for this very purpose. Our services in Scarborough include:

  • Water Damage Safety and Health
  • Water Damage Drying
  • Sewage Cleanup and Disinfection
  • Flood Clean Up

Water Damage Safety and Health

One of the most important reasons why you need to call us right away when your home has been affected by water damage Scarborough is for your own safety and health and that of your family. Little may you realize just how serious a flood can be. Not only can standing water be a danger to small children and pets but it can also bring with it all kinds of bacteria, insects, even small animals such as reptiles and amphibians. If the water is not completed removed from the home, the results could be seriously unsafe and damaging to your health. The main reason for this is that black mold loves to grow in moist areas. This substance can grow overnight and can make you very ill. For your own health and safety, call Scarborough Toronto Restoration the moment you notice flooding in your home.

Water Damage Drying

Water damage drying is the first step to Scarborough water damage restoration. With our high-end pumps, fans, and dehumidifiers, we will remove all the moisture in the walls, flooring, and ceiling. You can help before we get there by opening windows in the room to enable it to ventilate. Until the water has been dried, there’s no way for us to inspect the home for mold or damages, so this is the first job we will tackle upon our arrival.

Sewage Cleanup and Disinfection

Water damage safety and health are even more of a concern when sewage water is collecting in your home. With the contaminants and bacteria from the sewage water, sewage cleanup and disinfection become crucial to restoring your home to full quality. Therefore, once all the water has been removed and drained, our Toronto Restoration technicians will use hot water and soap and then bleach to scrub down the walls, floors, ceiling, etc. until all evidence of the sewage flood has been removed.

Flood Clean Up

When there’s a major flood in your home, we will take the necessary measures to dry it out. After drying out the water, we’ll inspect your home for mold and damages as part of the flood clean up process. We’ll finish by helping to repair or replace those items in your home that need special attention after Scarborough water damage. Instead of trying to use your own sheer willpower to restore your home after water damage, consider having our team of trained professionals at Toronto Restoration do it for you with our expertise and professional equipment.