North York Water Damage Restoration

Wet Basement

A wet basement is a common home disaster that can arise. Especially in the Toronto area where the winters are wet and cold, it’s easy for condensation or flooding to occur. Additionally, any home with a basement is at some risk of it flooding or getting wet at some point. This is because the basement is the place where most pipes, water heaters, and sewage tanks are kept. It’s also where condensation can become a problem because of poor ventilation. This can lead to the growth of toxic mold, which not only infects the house but your health! Toronto Restoration has all the necessary experience and equipment for ventilating and drying out your wet basement for you.

Flood Damage

Flood damage can be catastrophic; it can completely destroy the structural integrity of a home. When your home is flooded, rely on Toronto Restoration professionals to inspect your home, treat the problems, and prevent future damages. One of the results of flood damage is toxic black mold. As this mold grows, it can make you very sick. It’ll also ruin your wall, flooring, or whatever else it touches. Additionally, wood, furniture, drywall, insulation, etc. that are not completely dried out after a flood will eventually rot away, leaving permanent damage in their wake. But with the help of trained technicians, flood damage can be completely eradicated before it becomes permanent.

Sewage Removal

A sewage flood is not something that you should worry about on your own. Sewage water is full of contaminants, bacteria, contagions, and germs that will make any person sick. It also has the potential to ruin any home. Therefore, when there’s a sewage flood, Toronto Restoration professional home restorers will have to take special care to clean the home properly. You as the homeowner are safest if you clear the area and allow us to do our work. We’ll remove any and all furniture that has been damaged by the sewage. Then we will proceed to remove the sewage and water, suctioning out all the moisture with industrial strength vacuums and pumps. When all the moisture has been removed, we will scour the entire room with cleaning supplies to disinfect and clean away the contagions.

Water Damage Certification

Before you call a home restoration company for any of these or other services, make sure that they have water damage certification. Our Toronto Restoration water damage certification indicates that we have been registered and approved to do the services we provide. It is also evidence of our training, education, and experience in home restoration. Such certification engenders trust between us and our community members, which is extremely important in any business interaction. Make sure to look for water damage certification before allowing any company technicians into your home.