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Whenever your home is flooded, a simple cleaning technique cannot remove all the water traces. Some areas may still be moist; that is why it is necessary to call a company that specializes in water remediation services. Toronto Restoration do not only ensure to provide a better and safe home to stay, but they also keep it completely dry and clean.

Water Damage Cleanup

It is important to undergo a water damage cleanup when your home has been flooded. With regards to our services in Ajax, we make it sure that everything is dried and cleaned before leaving. We use the most advanced tools and equipments to vacuum all the presence of water and dry it completely. Of course, our professional technicians are also knowledgeable and skilful on the right techniques and tools. Thus, we are confident that they can deliver the best water damage cleanup services. They do not apply what they have learned from their experiences and trainings but they also check it whether they have done the right thing.

Mold Testing

We always suggest every homeowner to have their house checked for the presence of molds. Molds are very dangerous to the health and it can cause allergies or asthmas when inhaled accidentally. When we conduct the necessary cleanup, we obtain samples which we will submit to the laboratory for testing. If the results showed the presence of molds, we will immediately respond and recommend proper removal of it. Our company is affiliated with a reputable laboratory which can check and tests the molds. Once the results showed its presence, we plan for the right actions to take in order to rescue the home and the people living it.

Black Mold Removal

Black molds are toxic to the health. These are very dangerous when inhaled accidentally as it can cause cardiac and respiratory arrest. This is the reason why we do not only recommend mold testing but we also suggest black mold removal. When we do this process, we make it sure that black molds are removed without allowing it to spread in the air. We use the best tools and equipments that can filter and trap the black molds and remove it completely. Aside from that, we will clean and brush the area completely so that any traces of black molds are gone. We also conduct mold testing after doing the cleaning or removal process in order to be assured of the success of our procedures.

Sewage Removal

Sewage is where the water flows outside the home. When this has been damaged by flood, we also give priority to sewage removal and cleaning. We make sure that there is no debris blocking the sewage drain and we repair whenever there are damages present on it. In Ajax Services, we always aim to give a better home for our customers. Thus, we do our best to clean the sewage, remove the molds and have the property totally dried.