Caledon 24/7 professional Services

If you neglect the water damage problem over time, it will cause further damage to your home furniture and impose health dangers that are not suppose to take place. Hence, we recommend availing the services of Toronto Restoration.
At Toronto Restoration, we offer a number of services that can keep you and your family from danger. We provide sewage cleanup, sewage removal, mold testing and mold detection.

Sewage cleanup

Sewage water is usually composed of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. If you do not clean up these water spills right away, there is always a possibility that it can contaminate your food or drinking water. Therefore, we provide services for sewage cleanup and make sure that your home is clean and free from these damages. We use the right techniques to clean up the mess brought about water damages. We also have the most advanced equipments and tools to keep the area dry. If in case you need immediate sewage cleanup, there is nothing to worry about because our people are available every day to ensure the safety and health of your family.

Sewage removal

We also provide complete sewage removal so that you can totally move on from the contamination and damages brought about floods. We always guarantee our customers that we do our best to minimize or control the amount of moisture in your special place. Moisture will invite deadly pathogens from thriving thus; we ensure that these microorganisms are eliminated when we perform sewage removal. If you are a little concerned with your budget; our company works well with your home insurance coverage. Just let us know your insurance provider and we will coordinate properly so that your home will be free from sewage damages.

Mold detection

Whenever water damages are experienced, we test every area of your home for the presence of molds. These molds are very deadly as it can cause respiratory problems, skin allergies and even many others. So, we get a sample, and try to test the level of moisture. We will immediately send the samples to our accredited laboratory in order to know the type of molds present in your home. Do not worry too much if your home has several molds. We will ensure that your property is cleaned well, even after the scheduled appointment.

Mold testing

Once your home has been tested for molds, our professional technicians will analyze the right actions to do to eradicate the presence of these microorganisms. We will perform the best techniques to remove the molds and control the amount of moisture in your home. Aside from that, we also offer repair on your home furniture if there are damages present. That is why, whenever you are having problems with these water related damages, just call our company hotline and let our technicians do the work for you. For sure, you will live a comfortable place and a home free from deadly pathogens.