Toronto Restoration – Client Testimonials

“I had a horribly flooded basement after a pretty severe rainfall this past summer. I live near a creek, and the water from the overflowing creek combined with the torrential downfall just totally flooded my basement. I didn’t have any of the necessary tools to perform a flooded basement cleanup myself so I knew I needed to get in touch with a professional water damage service. Toronto Restoration was one of several I called. They were the most thoughtful and caring by far! They sent someone right over and they immediately began cleaning up my wet basement. Believe me, I was very happy because I didn’t want any long-term water damage occurring and I knew that was a distinct possibility if I didn’t get something done right away. Toronto Restoration was there when I needed them!” Jackie S.

“Extensive water damage had already gotten to all the furniture in my basement as well as the drywall. I wasn’t able to have a company come and perform a cleanup and water extraction until literally a week or more after the basement had flooded. However, once I finally was able to do it, I gave Toronto Restoration a call and they came right out and performed an assessment of my flooded basement and the water damage that had ensued. Of course, I gave them permission to begin a cleanup and they got to work pretty much right away. The did an excellent water removal and then they dried the whole affected area. They had dehumidifiers and all the right equipment and so I felt I was in safe, professional hands.” Sandra B.

“Oh my Gosh. You have no idea how awful a sewage spill can be until its actually happened. My sewage drain got clogged and the sewer backup and overflow that occurred was simply terrible. Talk about a disgusting smell! That odor went through the entire house and let me tell you, my kids were complaining, my husband was complaining (until I told him to get on the phone and stop griping to me about the problem), and the sewage water was flooding everything. Well, my husband gave Toronto Restoration a call and they were genuinely caring. They sent a team over to unclog our sewage drain, and then they performed a sewage treatment and sewage disinfection. We were relieved let me tell you! No one should have to deal with those kinds of smells, or the germs that I knew could make me and my whole family sick.” Barbara M.

“Have you ever had a mold problem in your house? We did and we didn’t even have a flooding problem. My kids and I began experiencing headaches, sinus problems, nausea and dizziness on a fairly regular basis except when we had all the windows in the house open. However, once we shut them again…WHAM! We got sick again. We went to the doctor and he couldn’t find any bacterial infections and suggested that we have our house checked for mold. So, I flipped through the phone book and came upon Toronto Restoration. They sent someone over to do a mold inspection. Thankfully we didn’t have a toxic black mold problem, but mold was found in our air ducts, our crawl spaces and even growing behind some of the drywall in certain areas. They performed a total mold removal and a couple of months later my family and I are free of the health problems that had been plaguing us!” John R.