Cambridge Water Damage and Mold Removal Experts

Whenever your home is severely damaged by flood, leaked pipes or unexpected storms, it is recommended to call the right professionals who can fix the problem and control the damages. With this being said, Toronto Restoration is the best company to approach. We do have the best people who can manage your home and we also employ the most advanced equipments for the restoration process. We offer a number of services including the following;

Water Damage Repair

There are several consequences of a home that has been damaged by flood and other water related conditions. First, the structure of the home will decompose or rot, especially if it is not dried and cleaned completely. Second, it will cause the growth of molds and mildew, which are very fatal to anyone’s health. Whenever these things are experienced, it will be challenging to recover the home. However, at our company, we do our best to repair any water damage concerns. We use the most advanced tools and equipments so that there will be no traces of water left. Doing this can also ensure the security of your family; while keeping the value of your treasured property.

Black Mold Removal

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish black molds from other types of molds. When this is present, it should not be neglected because black molds are toxic and can impose a number of health concerns. Therefore, whenever your home has been flooded, seek our services right away. We will check every area of your home if the moisture level is high enough for these microorganisms to thrive. We will also employ different cleaning techniques to remove these harmful molds and keep the area clean and dry.

Flooded basement

Some homeowners with a flooded home usually have a hard time cleaning their basement. Aside from the fact that it is difficult to reach, most basements are also full of dirt, dust and other trash materials. This is the reason why we also extend our services to flooded basement. We clean, keep it dry and repair the damages so that molds will not thrive and other related problems are controlled. We will conduct a number of tests to know if there are black molds present and determine the right actions to do about it. Furthermore, we also perform follow up checks so that homeowners can guarantee that their basement is not flooded and moist.

Storm Damage

A home that has been damaged by storm should be cleaned properly and thoroughly so that it will not exacerbate the decomposition of furniture and ensure that it will not impose any harm. Fortunately, we offer home restoration services for your residential or commercial property that has gone through storm damage. We have the best people who can clean your home and make no room for molds to grow. We also have accommodating staff who will ensure that your needs are met at the shortest time possible. So, do not worry if your home has been damaged by flood and other water related destruction. Toronto Restoration will always be here to help you.